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Aveda Keratin Treatment Review

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Eight months ago I bit the bullet and decided to splurge on a keratin treatment. I had been looking into both keratin treatments and Brazilian blowouts because I was severely at a loss for how to make my hair not feel like shit and actually grow. It was curly, frizzy, dry, and all around just sad. I definitely had my fair share of hair bleaching phases but I had been out of that for YEARS and my hair still just wasn’t feeling healthy. I’m going to add a little back story here for ya and you can choose to read that or just skip ahead to my review of the Aveda Keratin Straightening Treatment.


When I was in middle school and high school I was always dying my hair. I have naturally dark, thick, and curly hair so when I wanted straight spiky hair that changed colors every month… it was a bit of a challenge. I used bleach, flat irons, backcombing, stronghold hairsprays, gels, EVERYTHING on my hair back in the day. So in 2013, I decided that my new hairstyle was going to be “healthy hair” and I just dyed it black and used fewer heat tools and more hair oils on it. Yeah… that didn’t work.

My hair for years still didn’t feel healthy. I would wear my hair up in a bun all the time because my ends were just horrendous. I used to joke that my hair looked like Hagrid’s hair from Harry Potter. Sadly, it wasn’t that untrue of a statement. My hair would be so frizzy and dry even though I NEVER did anything to my hair. I would get trims here and there and still… nothing. So I decided to do some research on managing my hair type and getting that sleek, shiny, frizz-resistant hair that I swear everyone on Instagram has. The two things that I came across that sounded promising were keratin treatments and Brazilian blowouts.

Brazilian Blowout or Keratin Treatment? That is the question.

This next part took a bit of research. Basically, what I found was that these two treatments are really similar. They both tame frizz, they both add shine, and they both will be using chemicals to get there. The Brazilian Blowout is a little bit more customizable for those who want to keep their curls though. The biggest difference for me was that the keratin treatment would be slightly more gentle on my hair and last longer. Win-win, am I right? It was also going to straighten my hair a bit. Now, it’s not going to give you stick straight hair but it does loosen your curls a bit (side note: when I say I have curly hair I use that term loosely because it’s curly but not ringlet curly). So, that is why I chose to do the keratin treatment!

Aveda Keratin Treatment

I searched far and wide and wanted to make sure that I was getting an experienced stylist that I could entrust with my hair dreams. After doing some research I settled on going to an Aveda-based salon called Joseph & Friends! My sister who does hair went to Aveda and worked at Aveda-based hair salons for years so I felt like I could trust their technique. I ended up booking an appointment with an AMAZING senior stylist named Desiree who explained the keratin process and completely changed my hair in ways I didn’t think could ever happen for my Hagrid hair.

The Process

  1. First, my stylist and I went over my hair type. We agreed I have a shit ton of hair and it wasn’t as unhealthy as I thought but the ends were pretty messed up. So, I ended up getting a haircut before we did the keratin treatment. (I was desperately overdue for a haircut anyways 😅)

  2. Next, when I had my keratin treatment appointment, she mixed the keratin treatment in a bowl and evenly distributed it throughout my hair. It looks and feels just like a hair conditioner you’d use on the regs.

  3. I ended up sitting there for a while but honestly, I don’t even remember how long. It flew by pretty fast to me so it couldn’t have been 3 hours or something ridiculous like that.

  4. Then, we rinsed it, blew out my hair, and flat ironed it to seal in the treatment.

  5. I was told not to wash my hair again for 48 hours.

  6. Lastly, I paid for my treatment and got the shampoo and conditioner (pictured below) that went with it to help prolong the benefits. (Those both lasted me 8 months which is why I’m writing my review now… because I have no shampoo and conditioner left lol!)

Time: 1 hour (for me at least)

Price: $150-$400 (depending on hair length)

It was literally the easiest hair experience in the world for what magic she did to my hair. I don’t know why but I thought it was going to be some agonizing, smelly, burning, itching, long process that made me want to rip my scalp off (probably because I heard “chemical treatment” in there somewhere) but it wasn’t. It was SO simple.

9 Month Progress

It’s been 9 months now and I can’t rave enough about this hair treatment. My hair is STILL shiny, not as straight as day 1 but still not my usual wavy hair, and I have way less frizz. My ends look as bluntly cut as they did on the day I actually cut my hair which is probably the wildest thing to me. My hair is literally sleek all the way to the ends. I haven’t experienced that since I was probably 7 years old with unprocessed hair! Now, my stylist told me that because of my hair type I wouldn’t need to get a keratin treatment but once every year if I wanted to keep up with it. They normally last about 6 months though for the average person.

Overall, I will absolutely be sticking with getting keratin treatments once a year and I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this treatment to anyone who wants shine back in their hair, anyone who wants to de-frizz their hair, anyone with processed hair that’s trying to get back to feeling good again, and to anyone with curly/wavy hair that just wants easier hair to manage. It seems like a pricey treatment but if it lasts you 6-12 months I’d say it’s well worth it. Do your own research too and maybe try it out for yourself!

Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you in my next post.

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