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Review: Bperfect Cosmetics Carnival XL Pro Palette

Updated: Sep 26

For today’s blog post, I’m going to be reviewing the BPerfect Cosmetics palette that was in collaboration with Stacey Marie! I am a huge fan of the original Bperfect Carnival palette so I knew when the XL Pro version was coming out I had to get my hands on it. Bright colors are huge right now in the makeup industry but not all rainbow palettes are created equally. So, here are my thoughts on the Bperfect Cosmetics Carnival XL Pro palette! Let’s go!

Price: $58.95 USD Where to buy: Cruelty-Free: Yes Sponsored: No

First, let’s take a look at the packaging. This palette is massive! It’s easily the size of two–sometimes even three–of my other eyeshadow palettes. It comes in a matte black box with the letters in this reflective rainbow foil. It has a nice weight to it making it feel sturdy and well made. It also has the names of the colors in the palette listed on the back, which I LOVE! That always makes me like a palette more if they’ve taken the time to put the shade names on the back.




Another great addition to this platte, is that inside the palette there’s a huge mirror. This would be a great palette for travel because you have a wide variety of colors plus that awesome mirror! You have both your neutral shades and fun vibrant tones. Off to the side of the palette, you also get three highlight shades for the face, so if you were traveling, this palette also has you covered for your highlight!

If I could give this palette 10/5 stars I would! I can’t get enough of this brand. They have some of the absolute BEST eyeshadow formulas on the market right now. They’re the most pigmented shadows I’ve used and they stay on all day! Sometimes when I use really pigmented shadows they can blend out kind of patchy or chalky, but these blend like butter. I seriously cannot recommend Bperfect Cosmetics enough. I feel like I’m going to be a forever fan who ends up buying anything this brand puts out because I am never disappointed.

I love that you get the option to have more neutral colors and crazy tones, because it just makes this feel like the ultimate palette! The main color that sucked me into this palette were those reds. OMG. Can we talk about the reds? Red, purple, and pink are all difficult shades to make in eyeshadows. Red especially. So, when I saw that gorgeous tomato red I was like “YES, I’m buying that. Done and done.” Trust me, the palette is worth it just for that red alone.

If you want to see this palette in action, I do have a video up on my channel of me using it! I will link that down below for you guys to check out. The pigmentation is wild! Overall, I HIGHLY recommend these palettes. They are phenomenal! Thanks for reading! And I’ll see you in my next post.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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