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Review: Esteé Lauder Double Wear Instant Fix Concealer

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

I was recently in the market for a new concealer because, as life would have it, all my concealers were running out at the exact same time! Awesome, yep, thank you. My much-loved Nars concealers were all on their last bit of life as well as my Too Faced Born This Way concealer and my Tarte Shape Tape concealer. Now, as a makeup lover you may have already picked up on this, but as a none makeup addict, you may not have realized that all those concealers are incredibly different.

My skin was once super dry at one point to the point of feeling like it could crack any minute, but since moving to a more humid state my skin has become a sort of normal to dry combination. So when it comes to concealers I’m not too picky about the finish! I can work with mattes, satins, demi-mattes, you name it! So when I heard about this new concealer from Estée Lauder I wanted to give it a go!

Price: $29.00 USD Where to buy:, Cruelty-Free: No Sponsored: No

I’ve actually never tried anything from the brand Estée Lauder, so I wasn’t sure what to expect…

Hydra prep serum applicator
Hydra prep serum applied

This concealer claims to be:

  1. A two in one hydrating concealer

  2. One side having a hydration prep serum to help smooth fine lines caused by dryness

  3. While the other side had your 24-hour wear concealer that could be used for dark circles under the eyes as well as acne spots.

  4. Ophthalmologist tested

  5. Dermatologist tested

  6. And won’t clog your pores

Now, I like a medium to full coverage concealer and I usually go for something that isn’t matte –or is a demi matte– so that I can control how matte it is with setting powder. So keep that in mind! For the past few weeks, I’ve given this concealer a go and I’ve tried it a few different ways to get a true feel for the product. Here are my thoughts!

24 hour concealer applicator
24 hour concealer applied

When used WITH a setting powder:

When I used the concealer with a setting powder, I noticed less creasing but got a little bit of creasing after a 6 hour work shift. The product felt dewy and hydrating even with a little powder on top which was nice!

When used without a setting powder:

When I used no setting powder on the concealer, I felt like the concealer was brighter in pigment under my eyes but gave me the most creasing. I ended up using my fingers to tap in back in place in the middle of the day and again after a 6+ hour workday.

When used WITH the hydrating serum:

The hydrating serum feels great but I’m not sure if it made a noticeable difference in my under eyes that’s any different from what my moisturizer would’ve done. It’s nice and cooling on the under eyes and I can actually see this working a lot better on more mature skin, but for my under eyes I don’t think it did anything. I don’t feel like it made the concealer any more/less likely to crease either.

When used without the hydrating serum:

Without the hydrating serum, I felt like the concealer could grip onto my skin better and stay where I wanted it to.

On acne marks:

Now, I’m a pretty pale lady. So, when I get acne marks they are BRIGHT red and really stand out from my skin. With the concealer that I got, I purchased the color .05 thinking more so about what would brighten my under eyes not what would hide spots, so for me, this concealer didn’t conceal acne marks. If I had used a slightly darker shade or even a corrector underneath it may have been different but it felt like it just made my dark spots look grey. (If you’re someone who has clear skin with maybe freckles I could see this being a great concealer because your freckles would peak through and not be completely covered!)

Color range:

The colors run more gold/yellow based and there isn’t a huge color selection for darker skin tones. I do feel like paler skin will be able to find a color that’s brightening unless you are pale with PINK undertones.

Who is this product good for?: I feel like this concealer would be a dream come true for any of my tinted moisturizer/BB cream/CC cream wearing fans out there because it’s lightweight and easy to blend out. I loved having the dewy finish to my concealer so I can see this working on someone with normal to slightly dryer skin. This is a concealer for the “no makeup” makeup look for sure. I can also see this working on under eyes that are on more mature skin. Mature skin that deals with more fine lines tend to do best with hydrating concealers. I always tell my older clients that less is more and this would be a perfect concealer for that type of shopper!

Similar to: It’s similar to the YSL Touché Eclat but with undertones that are less obviously yellow and pink.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Instant Fix Concealer (2)

Overall, it’s a nice concealer and I could see it working on people who aren’t looking for a lot of coverage but more so just evening out complexion. Personally, I like a little more coverage so I don’t think this concealer is suiting my needs right now. If I had better skin with less pigmentation going on this probably would’ve been a home run for me. But personally, I’m looking for more coverage! Now, I’m going to be basing my rating on how well it performed for ME, but if you are someone that’s like who I mentioned above (looking for sheer coverage and a natural finish), this product would be worth a try for YOU! ★★★☆☆

What do you think? Have you tried this concealer before? Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in my next post.

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