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Review: Melt Cosmetics ‘She’s in Parties’ Palette

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Melt Cosmetics. I feel like they’re the new edgy brand out there that isn’t afraid of bold colors and fun packaging. Urban Decay and Kat Von D used to be the ‘it’ brand when it came to bold and edgy but as we’ve seen over the years, Urban Decay hasn’t put out anything bold in a few years and Kat Von D’s brand has become infamous since Kat had a run-in with some more controversial escapades.

The founders of Melt Cosmetics are Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar, both of which have been in the makeup industry for over a decade. They have that same edgy style that Urban Decay and Kat Von D used to have and they’ve taken it up a notch! They carry eyeshadows, lipsticks, highlights, and blushes but today we are going to be reviewing their latest eyeshadow palette ‘She’s in Parties.’ Let’s get into it!

Price: $48.00 USD Where to buy:, Vegan: Strange Love, Last Caress, She’s In Parties, Sleep Walk, Lost Control Non-Vegan: Skeleton Kiss, Total Immortal, Mean Streak Sponsored: No



The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. You can see it has a damask style of print on the outside which is also on the inside of the palette. Reminiscent of the shadows inside, the packaging on the outside is deep purples and plummy pinks. The damask print is also reflective both on the outside sleeve packaging and on the actual palette.

Although the names are not on the outside of the palette, they do have the shadow names just below the pigments on the inside of the palette. The names also have that same reflective finish as the damask print and this palette has a mirror on the inside! Great for travel or touch-ups.


This palette comes with 3 matte shades and 5 shimmer shades. Which normally I would feel like that’s imbalanced and if anything you would need more matte shades to help blend everything out, but somehow this setup just works. I feel like I can still make so many looks with these pigments and it’s just enough mattes. I don’t feel like I need to grab another palette or use anything else to make these shadows work.

I’m really into my mossy greens and yellows so playing around with some purples was really fun for me! As a kid getting into makeup, I remember people telling me to wear purples because it would bring out my hazel eyes so for a long time …girl that’s all I wore! Purples all day every day. So eventually I just burnt myself out of the purples and I haven’t really worn these shades in years but ohhh myyy goooosh. It is giving me fall vibes so hard and now I’m just craving cool weather, leather jackets, and pumpkin-y things. LAWLS!


If you’re like me where you haven’t worn purples or maybe you haven’t played with colorful eyeshadow outside of your neutral brown realm, this could be a GREAT palette to get into that will take you out of your comfort zone. Purples are a great way to play with color without looking clownish or over the top too!

I loved the pigments here. It’s exactly what I would expect from Melt cosmetics. A punch of pigment even without a primer! And the mattes are so easy to blend. I don’t feel like I got any fall out from these shimmer shadows either. As chunky as some Melt shimmer shadows can be, I never get fall out it’s the weirdest thing. The shimmer just clings to your eyes! I will say though, I always apply their shimmer shadows with my fingers so I would recommend that application method instead of a brush.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

All in all guys, I’m giving this palette 4/5 stars!

It’s exactly what you’d expect, rich pigmented purples, no patchiness, and no fallout. The only thing that keeps me from giving this a full 5/5 star rating is because the shadows (in comparison to other high-end brands like Pat McGrath or Natasha Denona) are a little dryer in texture. It’s not going to be that same creamy pigmentation which is what I personally like in shadows but they are still incredible to work with! If you’re debating getting this palette, get it. Have a leg up on the fall trends with this purple palette. Thank you for reading!

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