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Review: Natasha Denona Metrolopis Palette

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Natasha Denona is a major name in the beauty industry. She’s known for her bold palettes and pigmented shadows. This is the second Natasha Denona palette that I’ve purchased (the other was the Gold Palette) and this bad boy was no exception to the Denona reputation. I’m a sucker for any kind of warm mossy green color palette but I have to say it’s the blues that sucked me in this time! Here is my review of the Metropolis Palette.



From the back, you can see that the palette plays up on the classic Natasha Denona style of having the names on the back. You can also find the names of the shadows on the inside of the palette on a clear film that’s attached inside (which is great so it won’t fall out!). This palette has 28 pans in it so it is a little bigger than the Gold Palette.

In this palette, you get about half foiled shadows and half matte. Foiled shadows can be a little more intense in their reflection than a shimmer or satin shadow. So, these can work really well with your fingertips or if you wet a dense shadow brush with setting spray before placing the pigment on the eye! What I love about this palette is that although there might seem to be some more wild color choices (i.e the blues and reds), they are subtle enough that they can be worn during the day or night. Something that Natasha Denona palettes are great with is giving the artist mattes and foiled shadows in the same color range so it’s also easier to work with and easier to blend out. I hate when a palette has a really nice color in it but in order to blend it out I need to reach for a second palette. Denona’s got your back here!

These palettes have magnets on each corner so they click together once closed. They also have a sturdiness to their packaging which feels a little weighted. And let’s not forget that mirror! I love a palette that has a mirror because if I’m traveling or touching up, I don’t need to pack a secondary mirror that will just be taking up space.


1st row

2nd row

3rd row

4th row

The foiled shadows here have minimal fallout and highly intense pigmentation. They have a buttery feeling to them even though they aren’t creams which just makes them that much easier to blend out. Even the matte shadows in this palette are highly pigmented with a soft feel to them. I don’t feel like they have any fallout and a little goes a long way! I give this palette 5 stars! Denona never fails to impress me. This palette is a little pricey, selling at $129. However, I purchased mine from Sephora and–as I mentioned in my other Natasha Denona palette review–try holding out for one of Sephora’s coupons because that could give you a nice percentage off the price. But I absolutely recommend this palette and I think it’s a great addition to anyone’s makeup collection!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Thank you for reading!

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